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Port Melbourne Baby Car Seat Fitters Online Booking

Accredited fitters also in St Kilda, South Melbourne Brighton

Covering Bayside from port melbouurne to Frankston, inner melbourne, south east suburbs

Registered Restraint Fitters (ACRI)

We are Professional and Registered Baby Restraint Fitters, We are NOT Mechanics or apprentice mecanics which you will get at a garage.. We are NOT a franchise operation, we care about your childs safety and as such we are independant restraint fitters, whose only job is to keep your child safe.
We cover most of the South Eastern Suburns, Eastern Melbourne and Bayside.
We explain to you how your carseat/ capsule works, and demonstrate how it works to you. and allow you to ask all the questions that you may have.
3 Carseats across - Expecting your third child we can help find the best combination of seats to fit three across - Call 0478 522 783
NEW CARS - We can Meet you at the car dealership to ensure you have a seemless transition - Call 0478 522 783
Smash Repair - Call us directly to discuss our rates .. All fittings come with a Certificate

  • NOTE - For Children up to 12 months old please have 2 medium Size Towels available
  • Please Ensure your Baby Restraint Fitter is accredited and ASK for their LICENCE NUMBER

Baby Capsule and Car Seat Hire

As Professional and Registered ACRI Baby Restraint Fitters,we will install the capsule to the strrict guidelines to keep your child safe.
We will take you through how the capsule works and allow you to experience the use of the capsule while we are there
We also provide an installation certificate so that the hospital knows that your child will be coming home safely

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