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Baby Restraint Fitters in Port Melbourne St Kilda and Brighton

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We are passionate about your children's safety in the car; there are too many examples of parents believing they can install the child restraint/ baby car seat, only for one parent to be worried and book in for a safety check. Fact over 70% of child restraints installed by parents have been installed incorrectly (research conducted by Monash Medical Centre)

We provide a safe and reliable mobile baby car-seat fitting service for infants, toddlers and children of all ages right across Melbourne Bayside and the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Baby Restraint Fitting Services

3 Carseats across - Expecting your third child we find the best combination of seats to fit three across
NEW CARS - We can Meet you at the car dealership to ensure you have a seemless transition
Hospitals - Cabrini, Monash, Frankston, we can met you at most south eastern hospitals
Family Day Care Centres - We check your car seats (certificates included) and help you fill out your paper work
Smash Repair - Call us directly to discuss our rates .. All fittings come with a Certificate
Baby Capsule Hire and Car seat Hire - one month, 4 month or 6 month hire rates available

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0420 516 597 or using the email address or Contact child restraint fitting available on this website.